Parma Violet Wax Melt Bar

Parma Violet Wax Melt Bar

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This item is a wax melt. This bar is not food and therefore not edible.

Nostalgia that makes the heart sing. Who remembers raiding the swizzles bag for these purple goodies? Parma violet wax melt bar has been made to represent the smell of our old school treat (these are by no means edible)! The pastel coloured chalky wax melts are captured within this loaded bar of parma violet fragrance.

Relax and unwind with this beautifully scented home fragrance bar. Simply break off the amount of wax you desire and burn using a wax burner.

Burn time: 24-30 hours

Wax - Soy 

Fragrance oil - vegan, cruelty free

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